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PK Chem Industries Export is a leading chemical and raw materials exporter. From lumber, bituminous coal, ores & concentrates through to pulses including peas, beans, lentils & chickpeas, we represent only the best quality Canadian sourced products at very competitive prices. We combine this with an incredible customer care experience focusing on prompt responses, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries.

The following are some feature products we export to the world. For more product details, or if you have a product in mind that is not on this list, someone from the PK Export team would love to help. Please Contact Us or fill out the Quote Estimate form below and one of our team specialists will followup with you immediately.


  • Lumber of coniferous (softwood) thickness > 6 mm, sawn/chipped lengthwise/sliced/peeled
  • Bituminous Coal – whether or not pulverized but not agglomerated
  • Iron Ores and Concentrates, other than Roasted Iron Pyrites – Non-Agglomerated
  • Copper Ores and Concentrates
  • Chemical Woodpulp – Soda or Sulphate – Coniferous, Bleached
  • Ethylene-alpha-olefin copolymers, having a specific gravity of less than 094
  • Pulses featuring Peas, Beans, Lentils & Chickpeas


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